4 Photos Of Young Princess Diana

Image: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

More than two decades have passed since Princess Diana’s death, yet she remains one of the world’s most recognizable figures. Even today, media outlets continue to publish articles concerned with the royal, with her image splashed over countless pages. Her time as a princess remains an enduring source of intense public interest – yet she had a life before all of this.

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Diana was part of the aristocratic Spencer family, which already had long-standing links to British royalty when she was born. Growing up, she didn’t exactly take too well to school, even failing some important exams when she was a teenager. She did, however, prove adept at playing music and showed an aptitude for various sports.

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When she had finished with school, Diana secured a few different jobs. At one stage, she taught young people dance, but she was forced to quit after a skiing mishap. She was later employed at a preschool, while she also worked as a cleaner and an event hostess at various points.

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Although she first met him aged 16, Diana started taking more meaningful interest in Prince Charles a few years later. The pair found themselves together at a summer retreat in 1980, with the young woman observing the royal playing polo. Charles later asked her to join him on board Britannia, the official royal yacht, and she was eventually introduced to the royal family.

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Charles proposed to Diana in February 1981, with the wedding ceremony occurring in July of that same year. At 20 years of age, she had become Diana, Princess of Wales. She was one of the most famous people on Earth, with her slightly less illustrious past as Lady Diana Spencer now little more than a memory.