4 Everyday Things That Are Forbidden Under Royal Protocol

As a British royal, there are myriad rules to follow. Protocol dictates what’s permissible to wear, what can be eaten and how to follow the Ps and Qs that make a royal life run smoothly. And some of the things which are frowned upon are really quite surprising.

4. Don’t take a plane with another heir

Heirs to the throne are forbidden from traveling alongside anyone else in line for the hot seat. This means, for instance, that Prince William is technically not allowed to take a plane with Prince George. However, he did exactly that when both made a visit to Australia and New Zealand in 2014. Protocol should soon win out, though, with George expected to be taking separate flights when he reaches 12 years old.

3. Keep your hands to yourself

Stealing a quick kiss from your partner when out and about is all part of the fun of being together. But not for the royals – they’re not allowed to display affection in the public eye, particularly when they’re in a place where people are a bit more traditionally minded. That’s perhaps why the royal couples sometimes don’t seem entirely at ease with one another.


2. Avoid nicknames

When a person wants to talk to a royal, they’re supposed to use their full, formal name. So the lady who was once “Kate Middleton” morphed into “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge” when she wed her prince. However, some royals just don’t care for this particular rule: Prince Harry is only called Henry on the most formal of occasions.

1. Keep your clutch close


The royal ladies tend to take their clutches everywhere, and they put them to use. They can shield their cleavage from view, for instance when getting in or out of cars. But they also provide a good way to avoid an unwelcome handshake. But they can’t just be held under the arm or put down somewhere – you have to clutch that bag!