Fans Were Taken Aback By How Much Elvis’ Grandson Resembles Him

Image: Bettmann/Getty Images

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that Elvis Presley has a living grandson, as Benjamin Keough – the individual in question – has seemingly been determined to live out his life away from the spotlight. Yet although Benjamin appears to want to maintain his privacy, his family sometimes share pictures of him. And one photograph of Elvis’ relative particularly wowed fans across the world, as they couldn’t get over just how much the young man resembled the King.

The story of how Benjamin came into the world is a long and complicated one. As almost every Elvis fan will know, the rocker was married once, to Priscilla Presley. And when the pair first began dating, he was 24 years old, while she was ten years his junior. Apparently, some of the star’s friends raised objections to this sizable age gap, too. But Elvis and Priscilla’s relationship nevertheless flourished, and the iconic musician finally tied the knot with his girlfriend once she reached her early 20s.